How did Mike make $63,896.21 last month selling iPhone Apps & Games?

Matthew Campbell, January 21st

Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking into this new online seminar by Mike of iPhone DevSecrets. He contacted a few weeks ago with the email I have reproduced below. His offer is intriguing and I am still going through – in particular I like the content on marketing (which I still need to work on).

Basically, what his product does is give you an overview of the different ways to create mobile apps (he goes into more than simply programming with iOS SDK). He covers how to do web apps with WebKit, apps with frameworks like Corona, outsourcing, game development options. This is great if you are still thinking about how exactly you want to proceed with your app development plans. Most are general but are enough to get you started (again it’s an overview).

What I think is going to be very useful to many of us is his ideas about app marketing and generating app ideas (including niche selection). This is the sort of topic I think to leave the development community to learn about (Mike clearly comes from a marketing background).

Here is an overview of the product and where you can get more information from the email that Mike sent me:

Note: I am an affiliate of Mike’s now so if you like his product and buy it I may get a commission which is used to maintain and develop this site. Affiliate links are used whenever I mention a product but I don’t limit myself to talking about products that have affiliate programs.

It’s Mike, iPhone game and App developer.

Let me ask you this:

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iPhone & iPad Game/App developer

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