Top 5 iOS eProducts

Matthew Campbell, December 7th

Learn from some of the top iPhone app developers to get your app created now.

This product will show you how to outsource your app for a low cost but big result.

Perfect if you want to make an app but can’t program.

Discover insider secrets to bigger profits with this program from the popular site

Includes 29 audio recordings, full transcripts, plus bonuses.

We’ll give you the apps and show you exactly how to publish them on the App Store, so that you can start making money right away!

Each app source code you’ll receive if worth thousands of dollars in development costs

No programming experience necessary

And the app brought in $7,000 in the first month. Happy Tapper is NOT A GIMMICKY RINGTONE APP either, but an example of how to do outsourcing right for iPhone apps.

She does an impressive job of marketing as well (and talking about it in bonus book that she includes with this package).

You get access to source code, an exclusive social network, monthly booster packs to keep you up to date with the latest iOS goodness. Plus you get a bonus copy of my How To Make An iPhone App eBook.

This one is for the programmers!

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- Matt

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