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Matthew Campbell, December 20th

Today I just found out that a long time reader of our blog has released another app, iChristmas Cracker for iPhone was released on December 19th – just in time for the holidays. Here is the app description from iTunes,

This digital christmas cracker uses two devices and is fun for the whole family!

Simply connect the two half crackers via bluetooth – and then give it a good pull! Bang! Read your joke and try on the hat!

Then pull again!

Use it over and over again, each time getting a new joke, that can be shared to Twitter, Facebook and more! Also – try on a silly Santa hat and send the pictures to your family, friends and followers!

Get into the 21st century with this fun, digital Christmas cracker! Our gift to you this Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Samstrix Apps!

PS: iChristmas Cracker is free – click here to head over to iTunes and check it out.  While you’re there why not leave a review to help out Samstrix!?!?

iOS is the new name for the operating system that runs the iPhone and now the iPad.  It really just stands for “operating system” which is something that all computers use to get things done.  The iPhone and iPad use iOS to get things done.

Programmers use iOS to make the apps that we all buy everyday.  It seems like you may need to be a rocket scientist or brain doctor to understand how to make apps but that is just not the case.  You simply need to learn how to give your iOS device instructions in a language that it understands.

I’m really excited to share that I have created a new email course along with a video tutorial series called Getting Started With iOS Development that will show you how to create your first iOS application.  You will also find out exactly what programming languages and technologies that you will need to learn to become a ninja mobile app developer.  And it’s free!

Yes it’s free and not only that but you will get a few more goodies that I am super-eager to share.  All you need to do to get this email course and video tutorial series is to stick your name and email address into the two boxes below and click the submit button:

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This upgrade to our newsletter is just the first announcement that I have this week.  The blog here is getting some rad new features and you are about to see some big news coming up!

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