This Is Gonna Be Huge For New iOS Developers!

Matthew Campbell, November 9th

What I do is develop iPhone apps full-time for my own indy app business.

I’ve been at it since the App Store launched in July 2008 and it has been amazing.

Working at home and the coffee-shop on my own software is really exciting. When I programmed in my cube two years ago I had 20 users tops.

Today, as I write this 40,871 people have used my iPhone apps!

Soon after my apps were published I was invited to travel to cities like Washington, Philadelphia, Toronto and Seattle to teach iOS development. These are intense three day sessions that cost $1,599 + to attend. This experience taught me a ton of lessons about the best way to learn how to develop for iOS.


Matt was able to help me hit the ground running with my app, Split Counter. By the end of the boot camp, was equipped with enough knowledge to complete it and submit to the app store. I am hoping he teaches an advanced class in the near future.

Jon M., Split Counter

Just now I took all my iOS related products like my eBook and How To Program Course down!

Because I have something in the cooker which is going to be even better than both of those products combined AND this product will be at a much better price point.

I am so excited about this one for sure – I’ve been working on this for over a year now and the end result is based on real world feedback with real world developers. Plus, this new product is completely up to date for the absolute latest version of iOS and iOS SDK.

Since I want to make crystal clear that you are getting the best experience possible I am not going to release it today. But, you can still get a head start on developing your app and get instant notification the second this product is ready for you! Here’s how:

All you need to do is sign up for our mailing list (if you are already subscribed they your are set). When you sign up you are going to get content like an Objective-C tutorial and videos to help you get started with iOS development. You will also get our free email course.

Most importantly, when you sign up for our newsletter you will get instant notification when our new top secret product ships. Our initial release will go to this newsletter first. Depending on the response we will decide if and when we release to the general public next.

Bottom Line: sign up below and don’t miss out on your chance to super-charge your iOS developer skills and launch your app business. Just fill in your name and email and click Submit below.

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