Secret Announcement Revealed!

Matthew Campbell, November 12th

Today I made a huge announcement to my mailing list about a fantastic new product.  You can see a video presentation of this announcement below:

Here are the details about the eCourse

Once you have finished the eCourse you will know how to build multipage apps with all the coolest controls and bling. Your apps will be the real deal since you will know how to implement database technologies like Core Data to get your apps to remember your user’s work from session to session.

Week 1 – Introduction to iOS

Week 2 – Window Based Applications With XCode 4

Week 3 – Hello World!

Week 4 – Tools: XCode 4, Debugger, etc

Week 5 – Objective-C Programming

Week 6 – UIViewController

Week 7 – Singleton (Model)

Week 8 – User Controls: Target-Action

Week 9 – User Controls: Delegation

Week 10 – UITableView

Week 11 – UINavigationController

Week 12 – Core Data

Week 13 – Advanced UITableView

Week 14 – UITabBarController

Each lesson comes with a video that works great on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Depending on the topic you will see a Keynote presentation of the technology we are discussing and/or a real world demo of the technique being implemented.

Key points from the video are included as text notes and graphics. I include these as a reference for you that you can use after you’ve absorbed the video content.

Each lesson comes with an exercise that reinforces the topic while introducing more advanced techniques. The idea is that you need to work on the code yourself to really understand. So, the exercises providestep by step instructions to implement stuff yourself. By the time you are done the eCourse you will have made apps yourself that do all the key things that you need.

You will end up with your own portfolio of apps that you created yourself! There is nothing else out there quite like this…

Something I do is provide you with the source code that I used in the demonstrations. This way you can try it yourself and basically get your hands dirty. Again, learning this stuff requires you to get involved so that is why you get all this code and exercises.

At the end of each lesson I include extra credit links for when you want to learn more about a topics. These will be relevant articles, official documentation and advanced topics.

When you get lost it’s easy to get help from other people going through the eCourse since each lesson has a dedicated discussion associated with it. Ask your question here and get answers. Or just discuss the topic in greater detail.

I’m just curious about this … What is it providing compared to the standford university courses available for free on itunes-u ? I used these video courses to learn about objective-c/iphone UI and all stuff needed and it was enought for me to start learning iPhone programming !


This course is much more than the Stanford itunes videos. What we are doing is much more focused.

Also, this is geared toward people who do not have sit through the long format of the Stanford courses that are really directed toward computer science students in college.

This option is more active – you will set exercises which are essential step by step instructions that you go through yourself so you will know for sure that you can do the things we talk about.

Finally, in our advanced topics we will go way beyond what they teach in the Stanford classes: MapKit, Core Location, Web Services, App Marketing and more as the community expresses interest.

Thanks for your reply ;) I had no worries but I thought it would be important to precise what is the difference between what you will provide and what is already existing !
What is important IMO, is to talk (beside essential basic stuff) about best the way to implement things in some real and complex cases (singleton/KVO/delegates/notifications …).
But I’m pretty sure you’ll talk about this as it is typically was experience brings !

Good luck with all this ;)

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