Cyber Monday Deal (iOS eCourse – 25% Off)

Matthew Campbell, November 28th

As you guys know we released our new membership site last week. It has been quite a success – just this morning I put out a new XCode project on Code Depot that will show you how to use DropBox to give your users online data syncing and backup with very little work for you.

If you were waiting for next great deal before signing up for the eCourse and How To Make iOS Apps exclusive membership site here is what you have been waiting for!

What I am offering for our cyber monday deal is 25% off the first month of your subscription. You will still get started on the 14 Week eCourse (you get the first three weeks immediately!), Code Depot, our social network, my How To Make An iPhone App eBook and more.  This discount is only available starting now and through-out cyber monday!

This deal is only available to customers who pay with a credit card (no PayPal).  All you need to do is enter in the code below into the shopping cart before you check out:


Check out our how to make an iOS app product page for more details and your checkout shopping cart.  Just remember to copy the coupon code first before heading over to see more.

PS: This deal is only good for cyber monday so act now to get started developing your iOS app.

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