Best Way To Learn Advanced iOS Tricks Revealed!

Matthew Campbell, November 15th

Today I announce another part of our membership site that will help you kick ! as an iOS developer. The idea is that once you master the essentials and have an app that works pretty well you are going to want to know how to do the advanced stuff.

That is why I will be providing what I call monthly Booster Packs after you finished the eCourse. Each month you will get a Booster Pack that will follow the same format as the eCourse. However, the content of the Booster Packs will be very advanced. This is what will make your app go from good to great!

This is the special sauce that you have been asking for made easy.

When Will This Be Available?

This is part of our membership site and the Booster Packs start coming after you complete the eCourse.  My hope is that we will release this product sometime this week.  Existing customers will get first dibs so if you are a eBook reader or enrolled in our How to Program course make sure that you are on the mailing list so you can find out when this product is available.

Otherwise, keep this website bookmarked and keep an eye out for our release info…

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