Top 3 “How To Make Money With iOS” Blog Posts

Matthew Campbell, August 9th

While it would be nice to be able to just throw an app out onto the App Store and make tons of money it doesn’t really work like that (at least not anymore). What you need to learn about is marketing and promotion and generally how to sell your iOS app. These are my three most popular articles about marketing your app.

Who else wants to see their app become the next huge success story of the year? Me Too! As I meet some of the most successful developers over and over again it is becoming clear that there are three things that you must do to push your app to the next level.

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I’ve been fortunate enough in the last year to help Pinger promote 8 different apps into the top 100. I’ve learned as much from the mistakes we’ve made, as from the things we’ve done correctly.

(Guest Author: Brook Lenox)

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Even if your app is the coolest in the world your audience may not find it buried with the 150,000+ other apps on the app store! Clearly your customers need a way to find your app.

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Here are the secrets to finally getting your app in the Top 100 and it’s explained in plain English, without marketing jargon.

The course is called Boost Your App Sales and it’s available now by clicking on this link:

Learn How To Boost Your App Sales eCourse

They’re only accepting new sign-ups for a limited time, so it you’re interested in getting more app sales, give it a try now.

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