Should You Use Affiliate Marketing In Your iPhone App?

Matthew Campbell, May 20th

Today I came across an interesting post from Brook Lenox of Online Marketing Rant. As you may know I am a reader of Brook’s blog and he has guest posted a popular article for this site called 10 iPhone App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

The post is about using affiliate marketing from within your app as an alternative revenue model.  Affiliate marketing is the practice of introducing your audience to a product that you find valuable and giving them a chance to buy it will earning a small commission.  This is something that I do occasionally for others.  I also have an affiliate program for my eBook (I pay out 50% by the way!) and this is a common practice in Internet Marketing.

LinkShare is a service that will let you do this with a special URL that you may direct users to from your app.  You can see other apps, music and movies.  The commission is 5% which is small but is what you may except from places like this – Amazon offers something similar.

As Brook mentions in his post even free apps with a large audience can except only modest returns from this, but if your app lends itself to this type of marketing it could be a good idea.  This is especially true if you already link to this type of content.

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