Learn iPhone & iPad Programming In Toronto!

Matthew Campbell, April 15th

If you will be in Toronto (that’s in Canada folks) on April 23rd-25th don’t miss out on our iPhone Boot Camp. This is an intense three day instruction-crazy code fest where we turn you into an app developer (almost) over night.

So I have done this seminar a few times and it is always fun to get out there and meet people interested in this type of software development. There is a lot of excitement especially now that the iPad is out.

Who knows – I can’t make any promises but maybe the app you make next week at our iPad and iPhone Boot Camp will make you rich! At least you will be the coolest kid on the block when you can return home and hack your shiny new iPhone or iPad when it comes to Canada!

Head on over to Event Brite to sign up for this event: http://toronto1.eventbrite.com/

I will be using the latest version of iPhone OS (4.0) with Snow Leopard. To ensure that you can follow along as easily as possible make sure to have these two software components up to date (this impacts some screens and framework features that we will use in class). Also, if you are planning on using your device to develop make sure to have it in class on Friday.

Here is what we will be covering next week – this represents all the major technology you will need to get a fully working iPhone, iPad or Universal app on the App Store. I will also be giving you some bonus materials that you can use to get some more detailed information and source code to enhance the in-class work.

Please note that the above outline represent the brushstrokes of what we will be taking about but you will get more detail and of course a lot of one-to-one coaching.

Hopefully you have an pretty decent idea of how Objective-C works. Either you know OOP very well or have taken our Objective-C course. If not that is ok, and I will go over some of the main syntax for Objective-C.

However, it is probably a good idea to check out a few articles (the Apple site has a good Objective-C primer). Also, I have two tutorials available on my website that will give you some grounding in Objective-C and also iPhone SDK:

iPhone Programming Tutorial

Objective-C Tutorial

Thinking about taking the course and have some reservations? Let me know in the replies below and I will try to clarify what you can expect in the course. You can also email be privately here: matt [at] mobileappmastery.com.

Head on over to Event Brite to sign up for this event: http://toronto1.eventbrite.com/

Hi Matt,

How critical is having the iPhone OS 4 SDK installed for the boot camp in Toronto? I currently don’t have the Developer’s license but I do have the 3.2 SDK installed.

Will we be learning some of the new features in OS 4 like Event Manager, Multitasking, etc?

See you next week!

Allan Thornton


iPhone SDK 3.2 is fine – the features we talk about are all the established ones (from 3.0 on). I give this suggestion more for the screens you will see but from what I can tell there is not a big difference in terms of this from 3.2 to 4.0.

Also – we will not be talking about 4.0 features specifically. These are all in beta (also under NDA) and could easily change before next Fall.

See you on Friday!

Hey, I am also in Toronto, created 7 Applications for the iPhone so far, and own an iPad!!! I am still in a really early development stage for programming. I have read about these bootcamps twice, once last year, and this one this year, which was delayed, however was wondering, how good were they really??? and also, is it me, or is any school around Toronto GTA or outskirts not supporting any type of Mobile APplication Programming course, other then UofS(Saskatchewan) and UofPEI ???? thanks back2front@me.com

Well I am a little biased being the instructor but i think they are great. The feedback I get from participants is positive as well. These live events are a great way to get started.

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