Happy Holidays!

Matthew Campbell, December 22nd

Happy Holidays!  Thank you for a wonderful year!

This has been a great year for How to Make iPhone Apps – the blog was launched last January and has gone through 4 major revisions as I learned more about what our audience wants (and needs) and we managed to launch an ebook.  In addition to my regular iPhone app business this has kept me extremely busy to say the least.

Since this blog has been out for the past year I thought it might be fun to find out what the most popular posts have been so if you are coming here looking for iPhone development help (while I am disposed drinking eggnog) you should not be disappointed…!

So, without further ado, here are the top five blog posts from 2009!

Are you tired of your table views having the standard, boring, gray and white striped background? Adding a nice image or pattern to your table views is one way of putting a little extra gloss to your UI.

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Would you like your users to be able to send email with attachments from your app?

In iPhone OS 3.0 you can easily send pictures and voice recordings from your app in an email. In fact, now your emails can be easily formated using HTML and once the user has finished the email control returns back to your app. Pretty nifty!

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Using loops to repeat actions in programming is a common task. Objective-C does this chore in more or less the same way as other programming languages. However, if you are still unfamiliar with the Objective-C syntax you may feel a little disoriented.

So, to help out I wrote out some examples of for, for-each, do and while loops for you:

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Arrays are structures used to hold a list of objects. Sometimes though you may want to sort the order that the elements appear.

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Loops are the gears of programming: they make your code take action.

The two loops I use most often is the for loop (to do a predefined number of steps) and what is usually called a foreach loop (to move though a list of objects)

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Happy New Year!

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