Breaking News: About How to Make iPhone Apps!

Matthew Campbell, November 5th

Some of you may have noticed that a lot has been going on at this blog and the mailing list. Clearly, something is afoot and while I am not ready to tell you exactly what is going on I did want to let you in on a little tidbit or two.

If you correspond with me via email you will notice that I am now using the address matt [at] This partly reflects my decision to put all my mobile development tech blogs under the umbrella brand “Mobile App Mastery”. There are a few reasons for this.

The obvious reason is that I personally am interested in all mobile technology, not just iPhone OS. Right now iPhone OS is the most significant platform and the one I would encourage most people to start with because it has the audience and the business model works for many people. However, at some point in the future other mobile OSs will become more significant (looking at you Android!).

Stay tuned here at this blog and the others that I will be pointing out below for more details on Mobile App Mastery. I have some big things planned for it that will interest iPhone app developers in particular.

I have created a facebook page for this blog and all my others under the Mobile App Mastery name. This is in part due to my non-iPhone friends complaining about all the iPhone related content I post. For now, I have moved this to the Facebook page that you can see by clicking here!

Sign up for the Facebook page to add that content to your timeline. If you have friended me on facebook for iPhone stuff then I would recommend switching over to the new page otherwise you will simply be bombarded with pictures of my cats and new baby that we have on the way…

Since I have found my previous YouTube channel named MrScopeCreep to simply be too creepy for me I have changed to (again) the Mobile App Mastery YouTube channel. Please do me a favor and subscribe if you want to have a video feed for iPhone related content.

So, clearly I have a new brand name but I am planning on doing some big things with it in the very near future that I believe you will find compelling. Be sure to not miss out by subscribing to our mailing list or one of the other feeds available on this blog!

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