3 Mobile Linky Links – [Intriguing]

Matthew Campbell, November 7th

For this week’s link roundup we have: another free iPhone game engine and two fantastic articles about how to use web services and JSON in your iPhone apps.

Today at the Unite Conference, Unity Technologies, the leading provider of the multi-platform game development platform for Web, PC, Mac, Wii and iPhone, announced that version 2.6 of its Unity Platform is available and that the feature-packed Unity (formerly known as Unity Indie and priced at $199) is now available at no cost at http://unity3d.com/unity/download to make it possible for all developers to get access to the best development platform available. Unity Pro will continue to be priced at $1,499 per license.

Read More Here

This tutorial provides a step-by-step howto for consuming JSON web services from an iPhone app.

When you’ve finished the tutorial you’ll have created a simple, back-of-a-fortune-cookie inspired, “Lucky Numbers” app with a solitary label whose content will be updated to show a list of lucky numbers fetched from a JSON-over-HTTP web service.

Read more about consuming JSON based web services

With the introduction of Windows Communication Foundation in the .NET Framework 3.0, the responsiblity of building your own web service interface protocol has been lifted from the developer. DataContracts now provide a type-specific utility for easily sending and receiving data in either XML or Javascript Object Notation (JSON). In our iPhone Apps, we prefer to use JSON since it is both less verbose than XML (meaning less data to transfer on cellular networks) and easier to parse on the iPhone side.

Read more about using dot net to create a JSON based web service

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