3 Super-Awesome Tools for Developers

Matthew Campbell, October 17th

Here are 3 cool tools that will help you develop your iPhone app!


The iPhone Application Sketch Book is a binder of graph paper with images of the iPhone on it. You can use it to quickly sketch your iPhone design so it is a great way to work on some prototypes and brainstorming before you pick up XCode. I received this at last week’s 360iDev and it is a neat little tool.


PhoneFinger is a nifty little Mac app that puts the image of a finger into your iPhone simulator. This is neat when you want to make a YouTube video of your app to help promote your work.


MockApp is a simple and handy tool to help prototype your iPhone app’s user interface. This free download includes keynote and powerpoint presentations full of graphics, iPhone screens and even behavior transitions that you can use to mock up an app. This is great for prototyping and particularly when you want to hand off your iPhone project to someone else. I did a video demo of MockApp earlier this week.

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3 Super-Awesome Tools for Developers…

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