3 Spooky Saturday Articles: App Suites, Combating Ring Tone Apps & Developer Color Picker

Matthew Campbell, October 31st

This week I found three more articles that I thought were more helpful that most.

- earlier this week I did a video on how to use UIPasteboard and this article does a good job of inspiring readers to see how UIPasteboard can help the bottom line for your app suite.

- this article does a good job of laying out the thought process involved in thinking out an iPhone app. It does through some design and marketing and while it doesn’t show you how to explicitly program it points you in some directions.

- this free software solves an annoying problem when you find yourself trying to figure out the bit of code (Objective-C, hex or whatever they use in HTML) that will give you a particular color. It integrates with graphic design programs like Acorn and so it makes it simple to grab colors and then convert them to UIColor.