How to Use UIActionSheet

Matthew Campbell, September 22nd

Today I have a super-awesome video showing you how to use UIActionSheet.

UIActionSheet is a quick way to interact with your users and present them with an set of options. You may take an action based on what the user selects. This is one of those controls from Cocoa-Touch that I like because it elegantly slides in from the bottom and basically doesn’t look like message box spam.

Check out the video below to see how it works in action:

To recap: you need to set your UIViewController as a UIActionSheetDelegate and then implement any methods that you think you will need. In the video I simply implemented clickedButtonAtIndex so I would know when the user made a selection. Once that method fires you can take any action you want based on the user response.

Creating the UIActionSheet object is pretty straightforward in that in follows the formula that Objective-C objects use. You create it with an alloc and init, use it and then release it.

How to Use UIActionSheet…

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