How to Add Pictures to the iPhone Simulator

Matthew Campbell, September 8th

This was a problem I had early on – most of my apps required use of the camera or the photo library.

For the longest time I believed that you couldn’t test the photo library on the simulator. I was wrong, it is actually pretty easy to get pictures into the simulator for testing. This video will show you a quick example of how to do this:

Essentially, all you need to do is drag a picture file onto the Safari icon in the simulator and when it shows up click on it until you get a “Save Image” dialog. Press that button and presto – your image will be in the photo library.

Thanks Matt.

Another way is to add images directly to the Application Support/iPhone Simulator/Media folder but its a bit more fiddly and images have to named correctly and in order.

However one thing I’ve not achieved is adding movies into simulator so I can test 3GS functionality…anyone managed this?

How to Add Pictures to the iPhone Simulator…

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