Do You Live Near Philly & Want A Deep Discount On A Three-Day iPhone Boot Camp?

Matthew Campbell, September 18th

So I have a bit of an insider tip on this one since I will be helping teach this three day iPhone “boot camp”…

Before I get into that let me tell you what these iPhone boot camps are all about. The idea is that you will spend three days learning everything you need to know to get your app on the store. You will get an instructor who has been there already who will first tell you what you need to know. Then you will spend time actually working on your app and you will be able to get help right in class. Very hands on.

  • Day 1: Programming
  • Hello World Application
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa-Touch
  • More…
  • * the coding skills you will need
  • Day 2: GUI & Data
  • Table Views
  • Navigation Views
  • SQLite
  • More…
  • * what you need to make a real app
  • Day 3: Advanced Features
  • Core Location
  • Core Graphics
  • Image Library
  • More…
  • * the spit and shine that makes apps cool
  • You will also get to see how to actually get your app on the store with iTunes Connect and other topics that we can get to.

    These guys have been running seminars every month in New York, San Francisco and London. They have experience both in writing, teaching and iPhone development. Some of the people involved include Phone Authors Steve Kochan, ‘Programing in Objective-C 2.0 and Jeff LaMarche, “Beginning iPhone Development”, developers Alex Cone, lead instructor, former Apple Engineer and CEO of Codefab and Eddie Marks and James Anthony, co-founders of Inedible Software, developers of the best three million download app “Shotgun” and “Air Guitar”

    Alumns from iPhone Boot Camp already have tons of apps in the store. Click here to see a list of their apps. I have also looked over their content and teaching materials and I feel that what they are doing is high quality and most importantly, it is what you need to get your app done. If you learn best in live situations and want to get started fast these guys provide a excellent service.

    If you read this blog you know that I am interested in helping people get started on this platform which I find very exciting. Doing live instruction is one way to do this. If this works out I feel that iPhone Boot Camp and I could have a good partnership since we have very similar goals.

    So these guys already do this seminar regularly in big cities with a big tech/geek culture like New York, San Francisco and London. I have seem the price of this seminar go as high as $2,000. They seem to want to expand their reach to more medium sized cities like Philadelphia. As I know from my own business you usually need to start by offering your product at a lower price and that is what they appear to be doing right now…

    What this means is that if sign up for this boot camp today you will only pay $999! Now – I am not a spokesman nor an I affiliated with them (other than agreeing to do this one workshop); you will need to go to their website and meetup page to get this deal. AND you must be in Philadelphia November 6th, 7th and 8th.

    If you are going to be in Philly November 6, 7 and 8 (its a weekend) AND you think that this seminar will help you go to the meetup page and sign up to be on the meetup group.

    Sign Up For The Philly iPhone Boot Camp

    If you know that you want to be on the first seminar make sure to RSVP. You cannot pay for the seminar yet, but they will contact you when the signup is available. If you are interested in future events you can also sign up, but only RSVP to the Nov 6 event if you plan on going.

    I will be throwing in copies of my ebook and source code projects as bonus items to everyone who attends the class. You will also be getting the extra materials that we created exclusively for this boot camp.

    Don’t fret – if you want live instruction these guys offer courses in many major cities. Check out there website for a list of other upcoming boot camps: iPhone Boot Camp Home Page.

    I am not affiliated with iPhone Boot Camp other than agreeing to do this workshop with them. The reason I am posting this on my blog is because I want this session to be a success (obviously). But, you should know that I am not in any way a spokesman for their company and my interest is purely to get an audience for this event.

    I can answer questions at mattcampbell [at] howtomakeiphoneapps. Anything involving scheduling or payment must be directed to iPhone Boot Camp directly or from the Meetup page. As always you can simply comment below as well.

    Do You Live Near Philly …

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  • Hours of videos, demos & screen casts
  • Detailed HANDS-ON Exercises
  • Much Much Much More
  • UIKit
  • Objective-C
  • Core Data
  • More!
  • Learn How To Make An iPhone App right now using my proven system.

    PS: Tons of us are having a blast living off our own code, join us now. Click here to get all the details.