This Will Show You How to Make an iPhone App!

Matthew Campbell, August 27th

I have finally released the update to my ebook, How to Make an iPhone App!

The book is now updated to support iPhone OS 3.0 and it includes well over 100 more pages. An entire “Programming 101″ section is included so you can get started even if you never programmed before.

If you  have experience programming you will find that this book helps you focus on what you need to learn specifically for the iPhone; this includes C, Objective-C and Cocoa-Touch. You will see the Model-View-Controller pattern in both Interface Builder and in code.

The new emphasis on learning the fundamentals of programming will make the App Development Formula even more useful. As before, this section shows you how to get the architecture, components and marketing right in your new product.

In the last section of the point I show you the essential XCode tricks and point you to the Apple documents that you must read once you start understanding the basics.

All this week I have been adding more and more bonuses to the deal. Not only will you get the source code that is discussed in the book, but now you get my personal code swap file, a SQLite wrapper class and a very shiny new iPhone app that you can use.

This represents everything that I’ve used over the past year in iPhone development. My hope is that you will use this and shoot right by me in your iPhone development career since you did not have to spend all year learning these lessons the hard way.

To find out more click on over to the ebook website. You will find lots of details, a table of contents and videos showing you exactly what you get:

This Will Show You How to Make an iPhone App!…

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  • Hours of videos, demos & screen casts
  • Detailed HANDS-ON Exercises
  • Much Much Much More
  • UIKit
  • Objective-C
  • Core Data
  • More!
  • Learn How To Make An iPhone App right now using my proven system.

    PS: Tons of us are having a blast living off our own code, join us now. Click here to get all the details.