How to Play a Short Sound in iPhone Code

Matthew Campbell, August 17th

Today I am going to turn my iPhone into a Ray Gun by having it play a short laser sound. You probably have seen the many gun, laser and farting apps available on the Apple App Store. Most of these apps simply play a short sound along with some fancy graphics.

Here is the a summary of the steps I took in the video:

First, create a view based iPhone application in XCode and add a button to your view that will play the sound. If you need a refresher on how to use Interface Builder to hook up controls check out my article on adding a slider control.

Drag in the Audio Toolbox framework into your frameworks group in XCode. Here is a video on how to quickly add frameworks in XCode if you need it: Quick Tip: Adding Frameworks Painlessly in XCode. Remember that the framework will be all one word with the .framework extension, AudioToolbox.framework.

I used the website Joe’s Original Wave Files for this demo and found a nice laser sound to use. You can also buy the rights to use sounds in apps that you want to sell from websites like iStockPhoto.

To keep things simple I put all the code that you need to play the sound in an IBAction called “shoot”.

That is it – pretty simple way to add some cool effects to your app.

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This is awesome, exactly what I trying to learn. However I’m so new at this. The video starts with some code already inputed, I tried reading the other articles in hopes to figure out how to start, but getting confused. Can you help and post the whole code. I would really appreciate it.

Sure thing – I just emailed you the code (the email you used to register for the comment).

Great site and look forward to learning more.

Hey, great tutorial. Very well done! Do you think you can send me the code so I can further understand it? That would be very helpful. Thanks again!

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