All-In-One Resource to Learning iPhone App Development

Matthew Campbell, August 24th

Are you looking for one resource that you can use to learn everything you need about iPhone app development?

This past month I started revising the ebook I wrote to help programmers start writing iPhone apps fast. It was only meant to be a short upgrade but as I got started it became a whole new project.

This happened because after talking to my audience I found that many people want to make iPhone apps who never even programmed before. Also, many programmers are not as familiar with C and Objective-C as they need to be for iPhone development. So, I decided to add an entire section to my ebook to teach you how to programming from the ground up.

Just to be clear – in the new ebook that is coming out soon you will learn C programming, Objective-C and Cocoa-Touch. These are the essential tools you need to know to program. My goal is to make this ebook a one stop solution to learning iPhone development so along with the information on programming you will still get the “App Development Formula” and two new bonuses.

I am not yet ready to talk about the bonuses – but they will save you a lot of work if you decided to use them. There is a whole lot more to this story so check out the page I created if you are interested in this new all-in-one resource for new iPhone developers.

The ebook is not yet on sale but you can go to this page to sign up for an mailing list where I will keep you up to date and let you know the second it is released:

All-In-One Resource to Learning iPhone App Development…

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  • Hours of videos, demos & screen casts
  • Detailed HANDS-ON Exercises
  • Much Much Much More
  • UIKit
  • Objective-C
  • Core Data
  • More!
  • Learn How To Make An iPhone App right now using my proven system.

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