3 Key Technologies You Must Know to Develop iPhone Apps

Matthew Campbell, August 25th

Here are the three things that you must know to develop iPhone apps:

Many people already know, or think they remember, how to program using the C programming language with functions. This is the world of loops, variables, pointer variables and functions. This is essential Programming 101 stuff and you do need a background in it (or a means to get the background).

Object oriented programming (OOP) is something that I have found people either love it or hate it. OOP is meant to help organize our code in a people friendly way but sometimes the ideas used in OOP seem very abstract. This is especially true for people who spend most of their life doing typical C programming. Objective-C is the OOP language that you must know to use the major iPhone framework, Cocoa-Touch.

Cocoa-Touch is the code library on the iPhone that is responsible for all those shiny buttons and user controls that you know and love. MVC refers to a way of organizing your application components at a high level and it is steeped in every part of the Cocoa-Touch frameworks.

As with most platforms these days you should also know about HTML, XML and other web related technology. But, these are not essential to creating iPhone apps. C++ is yet another programming language that you will sometimes find used on the iPhone, but again it is not essential and you should spend your whole career without seeing C++ code at all.

Each technology that you need to learn is not really difficult. But, the fact that all of these things are in play can make them confusing as a whole. Especially, if you only have a dim memory of one or all of the technologies. Once you learn these technologies and how they all relate in iPhone development you find them to be a very powerful tool.

In the latest revision of my ebook (coming out soon) I added material to help you learn all three of these essential technologies. I have also make an effort to only spend time going over exactly what you need to know for the iPhone because I don’t want you wasting a lot of time learning the general details or the details that just relate to desktop or Windows software.

Here is a summerized table of contents for my latest ebook so you can see precisely what I mean:

If you would like to know more about this upcoming ebook head on over to http://howtomakeaniphoneappbook.com and sign up for the mailing list. You will be notified immediately as more information becomes available!

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3 Key Technologies You Must Know to Develop iPhone Apps…

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