Would You Like To Be A Guest Blogger?

Matthew Campbell, July 20th

Here’s the Deal

Our readers seem to like our content and some have found a bit of help here and the blog is growing.  But, after surveying the readers many have said that they would like to hear different perspectives.  So, that is why I am starting a “guest blogger” program.

A guest blogger is someone who writes an article for another blog.  People typically agree to do this because it gives them a chance to increase the readership of their own blog, they want to get a link back to their website or they are simply prolific writers.

Blog owners like this because they can present their readers with fresh content and they probably could not produce on their own.

Number of Readers

This blog started last February and here is how it is grown in terms of page views since:

March – 10,633

April    - 18, 668

May     – 24, 826

June    - 35,384

July    -  24, 137 (so far …)

Obviously, almost everyone reading this blog are people who specifically are beginners who want to learn how to program for the iPhone.  Others are just interested in the business posts and are a bit more seasoned.  If this looks like a group you are trying to reach a guest blog post may be a good idea.

Suggested Topics

Beginning Tips and Tricks

Specific Programming Techniques

How to Promote iPhone Apps

Your Success Story (#1 requested topic)

Friendly Advice

(Loose) Requirements

- Article length should be between 250-1000 words

- Include any images you would like posted (if not I may add one in)

- Include a link back to your website, app deep link and method of reaching you

- Include any bio information along with your links in the article

A Few Last Words

If you have something to say but are not the writing type I may be interested in interviewing you.  Drop me an email and we can talk.

If you are not specifically an iPhone developer or business person but you have some perspective to share email me anyway – we could always use some outside perspective!

How to Submit Articles

If you have an article already just email it to me with a note – if I use the article I notify you ahead of time before its published.  If you just have an idea that you want to float by me first drop me a note and I’ll give your feedback.

That’s it!  I hope to see some awesome articles and you have my thanks in advance!

- Matt

mattcampbell [at] howtomakeiphoneapps.com