What Do You Have to Say About It?

Matthew Campbell, July 13th


As you probably know – I like to survey my readers often for to get feedback on the content of this blog and the products that I offer here.

Survey Sayz!

Last month I sent out an email to the readers of my e-Book – How to Make an iPhone App to get an idea of how they felt about the product. The response was generally positive;  approximately 98% report that the quality and good or excellent – so I’ve feel very happy with that result. My readers were very generous with their specific feedback and comments as well.

iPhone Programming At the Movies

I also am running a survey about the content of this site and I have already acted on it – it turns out that a lot of readers would like to be viewers. That is, people seem to want video and audio in addition to text. This is why you may have noticed more screen-casts on this site. I have also found that screen-casts make explaining coding very easy at times; at least when you pair it with a good bottle of source code.

Programming 101?

I got a lot of interesting feedback on the idea of a “Programming 101 with Objective-C” e-Something product. I suggested this product because I wanted to see if people felt that the book was a little incomplete because it does not bring you from the point of being a total non-programmer to an iPhone developer. As it stands now the book assumes that you have some idea of what looping, if-then statements and objects are.

At any rate, most people said that they would not think it is a good product since there are a lot of options out there (like the ones I recommend already). I dunno about this one now – what do you think?

Affiliate Program

One or two people suggested starting an affiliate program – this means that you could sell my book (or the crazy new products I have coming out) for a slice of the revenue. If you are someone who has an audience AND you like the book this may be a good way for you to dip your toes in the Internet Business world. I am thinking of offering this option, although I am leaning toward being selective on who would be able to sign up for this program.

Have You Taken the Survey Yet?

I am still running two surveys if you are interested in taking them (please do!). They are short and, well, what else can you ask for in a survey?

Click here to take the survey

Thanks in advance!

- Matt