Going to the 360|iDev Conference

Matthew Campbell, July 17th

So, are you taking advantage of this incredible 05EC18D6-C4E5-4265-92FA-DC7C6CE8B806.jpgopportunity to meet the movers and shakers of the iPhone dev world?

Conferences are a High Bandwidth Learning Channel

Last year I jump-started my own iPhone dev career by running off to San Francisco for Apple’s WWDC event. It was well worth the thousand bucks to get some training and to meet more seasoned developers. Unfortunately this year I missed it because I had to be around to buy a house :( .

Enter 360|iDev Stage Left!

Like a knight running down some snow-capped mountains another conference suddenly is available – this time in September and this time I can go. The topics look fantastic (although not really for beginners). If you are curious about it you can see the topics here: 360|iDev – Schedule!.

Some Talks I am Particularly Interested In:

Julio Barros – Getting Oriented with MapKit: Everything you need to get started with the new mapping framework.

Dan Grigsby – Warm, Clothed and Fed: Developer Run iPhone Businesses.

Jessica Kahn – Building & Maintaining a Family of Applications: Code Reuse on a Platform that Supports One Binary per Application

Henry Balanon - Lottery You Can Decently Influence: iPhone App Marketing Essentials for Devs

As you can see most of these topics trend toward advanced

BREAKING UPDATE: The organizers of this conference DO have a day long hands on beginner’s session planned – I recommend participating in things like this if you want to get started faster/better.  The face to face protocol is the best-est!

Here is the tweet they sent me (follow @360iDev to get up to minute details):

RT @360iDev: Sweet post!  We wanted to point out that we do have an all day, hands-on 101 for beginners just haven’t announce it yet :)

- what is selling me on this conference are the business topics. Not much is out there about app promotion (I know since I’ve been researching this topic) so I hope to get some additional inside baseball information on that.

Will I See You There?

Would love to go but don’t have the money to travel to the states. Unfortunately for us developers stuck in “back waters” like the UK or Europe, there isn’t a huge amount opportunities to meet fellow developers etc.

Anyway one reading this based in London that fancies meeting up sometime – Matt – I hope this is OK to ask this here.


@wuf810 No problem! Doesn’t the guy from “Mac Developer Network” (Scotty I think) organize a Mac/iPhone/Cocoa conference in the UK?

*disclaimer: I could be making that up!*

  • Hours of videos, demos & screen casts
  • Detailed HANDS-ON Exercises
  • Much Much Much More
  • UIKit
  • Objective-C
  • Core Data
  • More!
  • Learn How To Make An iPhone App right now using my proven system.

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