What Are Your WWDC Predictions?

Matthew Campbell, June 6th

Do you think that the iTablet will be announced? A new iPhone? A new MacBook Pro? Will Steve Jobs fly in on a UFO and beam up the audience?

I really really wish I was going to WWDC this year – if my wife and I hadn’t spent so much time and money on attempting to buy a new house this year I would be on a plane next week. Still, I will be following the keynotes to see what new announcements that are being made that will affect my life one way or another.

Below are my predictions, obviously minus any software speculation since we are all working on iPhone OS 3.0 anyway.

My list is ok I guess, but I wonder (or maybe just hope) that there is going to be something bigger announced. The only one that really excites me is the iTablet. What do you think?