Frustrated IT Guy Had Enough and Quits Job To Start His Own Software Company!

Matthew Campbell, June 26th

Hi, my name is Matt

Last year at this time I was working full time as the IT guy in a major American company. Many of you may have had my job – I spent all day writing Windows .NET code that was rushed out the door as soon as it was “good enough” for the people who worked at our company.

My software was “just ok” and it did the job; but, it was never pretty and never really exciting. Maybe 50 people total used the software I spend years making. Like my software, my day job was not terrible but “just ok”. And even though I worked for years on my software I did not own it and had no say in how it was used!

I had enough so here is what I did

Last March I decided to learn how to make iPhone apps. By July I had started selling my first iPhone app after spending three months and thousands of dollars learning how to develop for the iPhone. Because of the unique opportunity with the iPhone App Store I was able to become my own software publisher! The software I worked on was mine and I had the luxury of making it as awesome as I could and I even had real customers who appreciated my efforts!

It seemed like the App Store made my dream possible overnight.

From 50 “users” to 2034 customers In one month

Since July of last year I have sold software to people every single day! In the first month of my app being available I sold 2034 copies. In that month I increased my audience by 40 times and I suddenly had worldwide reach. I was getting email from around the world thanking me for making an app that they loved. My apps showed up on blog posts and got mentions on podcasts!

All this from someone who never even sold a glass of lemonade as a kid! Does this sound like the kind of thing that you would like to do?

I rebooted my whole life

By September of last year I was only working 50% time at my day job and by November I quit my job completely to work on my software company full-time. Today, tens of thousands of people use one of my 9 iPhone apps and many more read my blog.

This one year of indy software work has been more interesting than the past 10 years working in my old cubicle.

I do have a confession

A lot of people think that iPhone developers are all getting super rich because they hear the stories about people like Steve from Trism who made $250,000 in a month or the guy who made the iFart app and had sales of $9,200 per day or the other guy who made $21,000 per day with iShoot.

Well, I have not made that kind of money.

HOWEVER, I have made a good income for myself and I make enough money to reinvest most of it back into my software company.

Developing for the iPhone is not necessarily a get rich quick scheme, it requires some real work to build up a quality product. But, it does feel good at the end the day to know that what you worked on adds value to your own company and that your customers love what you are doing.

The problem with switching to iPhone development

Finding information about the details of iPhone programming is not hard, a million bloggers write about it every day including me. The main problem is that there is so much information that it is hard to know where to get started. People who already program don’t want to go back to the basics or discuss computer science theory. We definitely do not need to hear Apple’s marketing pitch (hint: we are already sold on this one!).

What we all need in the beginning is to see how its done – a guided tour of the innards of an iPhone app would help and to see how all the pieces fit together would be sweet! Also, a little help translating the unusual syntax of Objective-C would be helpful (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you will soon…). Finally, wouldn’t it be nice to see how to translate the code that you write into a product that you can sell?

So, I wrote a book that does all that!

Actually, I wrote a book about HOW YOU CAN DO ALL THAT!

I decided to put all the information I learned over the past year about designing, building and getting your app ready for the store into one place. Now, you can get started fast and I hope in much less time than it took me to go through this process.

The book is written for people who have some experience in programming. You don’t need to be an expert at first, if you are rusty my book suggests where you can go to get the fundamentals of programming. This book does not try to be a comprehensive reference – I know that once you get started you will be able to find out the details of anything you need. But, you will need to get started. That is what this book does – it gets you started fast.

How to Make An iPhone App has only been on sale for a month, but I am already getting some fabulous feedback on it.

I’ve just bought your ebook. You know what, I wish you had come out with this ebook earlier! Your ebook has 215 pages, not including the Objective C crash course and the cheat sheet and other stuff. I will read it slowly, to fully understand the concepts, because app creation is new to me. This is really worth the money I paid for it. Thank you.

-Marlina a.k.a. Gal

A great book for everyone developing iphone apps

-iphone architect

I have already recommended this to people. Thanks Matt

Great job, I’m still going through it and even using as a reference in some cases.

Matt, i appreciate you following up on a question i had right after i purchased the book. You personalized your service by not blowing a little fish in the sea like me off. And you responded quickly. I look forward to further communication and creative projects you will accomplish. Thanks again Matt

98%+ of the people surveyed about the quality of this book report that they felt that it was a good or excellent value!

If so, then check out my new ebook, How to Make an iPhone App! How to Make an iPhone App shows you exactly how to understand and create an iPhone app. You will see for yourself the thought process, the source code and the patterns of development that go into building an iPhone app from the ground up.

I am offering this product at a lower promotional price for a limited time.

Because my customers have been very good sports with giving feedback to improve this book even more. Based on their input I am learning that things like screen-casts and audio recordings will help them even more. This stuff costs a lot more to produce so future editions of this book will be more expensive.

Of course, anyone who buys it before the next edition comes out will get the updated content for free.

So, remember that with the low promotional price you get the eBook, How to Make An iPhone App, that includes this stuff:

- Objective-C Programming

- The Model, View, Controller Design Pattern demonstrated with code

- Cocoa-Touch Framework

- Target-Action

- Delegation

- The Inner Workings of a Complete iPhone App

- Develop a product that people can’t wait to buy!

- Design and code a real world iPhone app from the ground up

- Learn advanced coding methods like table views, text fields, date pickers, labels and more!

- Learn step by step with the Done! task manager app

- Find out the secrets to selling your app

- Find out how to improve your programming skills even more!

- SUPER-CHARGE your independent software business!

- The Objective-C Crash Course!

- – Learn how to do the tasks you are used to but in the iPhone programming language

- The Programming Cheat Sheet XCode project

- Source Code for the Hello World project

- Source Code for Model-View-Controller project

- Source Code for the Done! iPhone App used as an example in the book!

Even if you never read the book at all you can use all the source code any way you want to! A year ago I would have paid for the Objective-C Crash Course alone. All you need to do to get all this content is click the Add to Cart button below. I use PayPal and E-Junkie to ensure that you have a secure transaction and that you will get all your content.

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