3 Cool Articles I Found this Week

Matthew Campbell, June 12th

Every once I a while I like to highlight articles from other blogs that you may find interesting. Here is what I found this week.

Insights From the Latest Flurry Industry Pulse

This article is an analysis of trends on the app store using data from a mobile analytics company. It is very interesting; I recommend reading the topic of lite version app conversions.

MGTwitterEngine – Twitter from Cocoa

This article details how to use the Twitter API from a Cocoa app (including iPhone apps). If you think that you would like your app to integrate with Twitter Matt Gemmell has already done most of the work for you. This is not for beginners – you will need to know how to get code from a subversion repository to use this tutorial. Matt lets you use all of his source code and it is written using typical Cocoa conventions so you should be able to use this pretty easily.

Cocoa conceptual problems

This article by Corey is a great read if you are already a programmer who wants to learn about iPhone programming and Cocoa in particular. Cocoa can be a disorienting framework to deal with if you are used to other approaches. Corey’s article is one that I wanted to write myself about this topic (and now I don’t have too!).

What articles have you come across this week that have been interesting?