Three Interesting iPhone + Internet Business Links

Matthew Campbell, May 9th

iStock_000005651925XSmall.jpgHere are some interesting links that I thought you may find helpful this week.

The Niche Show

This podcast focuses on choosing a niche for your online business. The latest show was on outsourcing and focuses on the topic of what the right time to outsource is. I can tell you from personal experience that trying to outsource too soon can be a real setback. However, in reality you do need to start outsourcing to really grow your business.

At any rate, this show is quality stuff and I like that the hosts are at the beginning of the process (one guy has been working at it full time for a year while the other is working on his business part time). It is great inside baseball type stuff.

Core Intuition

At times snarky, sometimes informative and usually pretty insightful this podcast is produced from two independent Mac desktop software developers. They also have a lot to say about the Apple App Store and have at least one iPhone app released between them. This is really a must listen program for anyone considering moving into the independent Mac software world.

The Flying Jalapeno Lives

This blog is essentially the story of someone who recently decided to go out and become an independent software developer. It is very candid with details like sales figures and app pricing. As with The Niche Show, it is exciting to here stories and real actionable information from someone on the front line for the first time.

Thanks for letting your readers know about my blog (TFJL). To be honest, I don’t know where it is going yet. I am trying to write about what I know, which when it comes to iPhone programming, is admittedly very little. As you know from writing for your blog(s), it is enjoyable to be able to express your thoughts to others sharing your interests. It really helps you work out problems and ideas by conveying them to others through words.

I also listen to Core Intuition. It is one of my favorite podcasts. Along with Manton and Daniel’s podcast, Scotty at the Mac Developer Network puts out extremely informational podcasts. He has converted them to a pay model now, but I assure you, the content is worth it.

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