Should You Use CoreData When It Comes Out?

Matthew Campbell, May 2nd

Today I can across this article on Theocacao, a blog about programming with the Cocoa frameworks: A Quick Overview of Basic CoreData Concepts.

The article is worth reading because CoreData will be included in the next version of the iPhone OS. CoreData is a solution to the problem of data persistence (a hot topic on this blog these days).

CoreData seems to add a much higher level of thinking of objects and data than what was offered in previous versions of iPhone OS. After a year of wresting with SQLite (which essentially uses a C library) to make my data persistent I have mixed feelings about using a high level framework to get this job done.

On one hand, I like to try and leverage the existing frameworks and supported patterns of use as much as possible. Clearly code reuse is a more efficient way of working.

On the other hand, my past experiences with similar frameworks in .NET caused me to feel that I would get “boxed” in with certain patterns of use. Sometimes I feel like these “helpful” recommended approaches lead to a lot of coding around the problem with the problem being the framework. Essentially, I worry about the need to buy in (even more) into a way of thinking about programming that I am still not entirely comfortable with.

Of course – I am jumping to conclusions because I have not worked with CoreData yet (not even on the Mac). But, I’m going into this one with at least one eye open…

Are you doing to migrate your code to support CoreData later this year? Why or why not?

I don’t have anything to migrate to Core Data, but I am using it to develop new apps. In some respects, it i more complicated the SQLite, but it’s integrated into Xcode, you can actually construct models in an IB-like interface, and you get a storage and a nice Cocoa wrapper for free. It’s hard NOT to use it

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