How are You Selling, Promoting & Marketing Your iPhone App?

Matthew Campbell, May 25th

iStock_000000881889XSmall.jpgToday I want to talk about selling your iPhone App.

Internet Marketing

Over the past year, I have been a student of what is called “Internet Marketing” – that is essentially how to sell products online. The brand of Internet marketing that seems to have the most promise in this new economy involves developing a relationship with your customers, finding out what they want the most and delivering a product to them that “over-delivers” in value.

Relationship – Listen – Provide Exceptional Value

Can Internet Marketing Be Applied to iPhone Apps?

What I have been trying to learn over the past year is if this proven successful model can be applied to selling iPhone apps. There are serious challenges to applying these marketing approaches to selling iPhone apps; I feel that there is some magic formula out there waiting to be found when it comes to selling iPhone apps (specifically for indie developers).

What are some of the challenges?

There are more challenges as well.

What can you do?

That being said, there are some things that will help you sell your app. What needs to be done first is to make sure you have a solid product, good supporting material and you must update your app frequently.


The suggestions above are the only things I know to be effective when it comes to selling iPhone apps. But, my gut tells me that there are more ways out there. I am going to continue to do research on this topic, follow marketing oriented blogs and even try some testing of my own.

My questions to YOU:

What other ways have you used to sell your app? Did it work? Any ideas that you would like to try someday? Can “Internet Marketing” as discussed in the beginning of this post be effectively applied to iPhone apps?

Comment below…

Couldn’t agree more with your list.

I have also experimented with using mobile advertising to promote my apps. So far I can say that I have seen absolutely zero benefit from using companies like Admob…so my advice is to stick to the points above and don’t waste any money on direct advertising.


Thanks for the comment – I tried to use Google ad last year with Tasting Notes. It cost a lot and it was hard to tell if it helped or not. As far as I know there is no way to track metrics of sales on the App Store. Sometime this summer I want to do a test of AdMob to see if it impacts sales at all.

- However, most of what I read on the web supports your experiences of having zero impact using ads…

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