3 Great Articles About iPhone Marketing

Matthew Campbell, May 26th

iStock_000007384775XSmall.jpgYesterday I talked about selling iPhone apps. As part of my research I ran into these three articles that you may find interesting on the subject of iPhone app marketing.

How to Market iPhone Apps
- by Brook LENOX

This article has a few good practical suggestions that do beyond the essential basics I discussed in my last post. One intriguing idea is localizing apps for other countries in an effort to expand your audience. This has been an idea I’ve toyed with for my wine tasting apps (it should at least be in French right?). He also has some insight into the right ad service that you need to read if you are considering using adverting.

Introduction to iPhone App Marketing
- by Jeff Hughes

This article discusses some fundamental marketing issues to think about if you want your app to be truly successful. It is only an introduction, but the things this article covers need to be dealt with before other (after the fact) promotional activities take place.

6 Months of iPhone App Sales Stats, Cause and Effect.
- by markj

This articles offers a play by play of one app’s sales numbers with commentary. The commentary focuses on showing you what affect localizing the app in French achieved and what things like update submissions achieved. This data seems realistic to me (it roughly corresponds to my own experiences). It is well worth the real and the author is very generous in sharing this data.

That is all I have for now.

Do you have any good marketing, advertising or promotion articles to share? Post them in the comments please!