What I Have Been Up Too

Matthew Campbell, April 25th

iStock_000005685118XSmall.jpgSome of you may remember taking a survey a few weeks back where I was asking all sorts of questions about what you would need to get started and succeed in the iPhone development world.

The response to the survey has been incredible and I have been trying to process the results and come up with some ideas on how I can best serve you. One thing is sure – there are a lot of people who want help getting started on the most basic tasks with the iPhone but need a bit of a jump start.

Last week, I re-did and re-organized the “Rolodex” section to try and provide some resources to aspiring developers. The few programming books that are out there are pretty good, but it is clear from the survey that you want more help than that.

So, I have been working on provide a “something” training-book-course that is based on the survey you filled out last month. I am getting pretty excited about this new product and hope to have it available soon after some polishing/beta testing.

What have you been up to? Please let me know how your iPhone development is going by commenting below!

I wrote the Official Coachella iPhone app… worked pretty well, although crashed on under 1% of phones. Couldn’t reproduce the problem, but a reinstall fixed the issue. Had about 30k downloads. =]

Working on a few other apps now.


That app looks great and the pictures on your personal blog are really very nice. Especially like the one you took from your room in SF. Did you shoot them?


Yep those are all my photos. Glad you liked them. =]

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