The Billion App Countdown

Matthew Campbell, April 11th

Wow, so almost a billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store and it has not even been open for a year!

Apple’s Countdown Clock

About this time last year, the idea of developing software for the iPhone was as distant dream for me and a pretty shaky business proposition.  I still remember hoping that I could even figure out the Mac and the SDK and then hoping that a handful of people may download my free app.

But, the App Store has been so successful that it was created a whole new market for software and spawned an army of independent iPhone developers.  I was personally able to not only write software for the iPhone but quit my day job and start my own company.  So have many others.  Pretty amazing business stuff Apple – I’ll admit it!

What do you think of this?  Has this mobile marketplace that Apple has created something that will change the future of software development?