Would You Rather Use HTML and Javascript in Your iPhone Apps?

Matthew Campbell, March 17th, 2009

Standard web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript are well understood by many developers and many people would like to be able to use these technologies to create their iPhone apps.

Even desktop developers, like myself, find themselves grudgingly using web technologies for a lot of reasons. Why not use these standard programming languages on the iPhone? Is Objective-C is the only way?

Apparently not!

Rob Ellis and Brock Whitten are working on an open source project called PhoneGap that will essentially allow you to create native-like iPhone apps with these well understood technologies. It looks very interesting and could be a way to get started quickly if you are already a web developer.

After quickly looking over the PhoneGap tutorials, it seems to be a relatively simple task to use the frameworks they provide. So, if you are familiar with web technologies I encourage you to take a look.

Are you interested in using web technology instead of the typical Objective-C approach? Do you have any experience with PhoneGap?