A Developer Candidly Tells the Story of His First iPhone App

Matthew Campbell, March 12th

Today, I ran into this great article written by Mike – one of the guys who created the NetAwake iPhone app.

Mike wrote a detailed article about his experiences developing and releasing an app for the iPhone on the app store. This is a worthwhile read for anyone who is interested in being an iPhone developer.

The take away message from this article is that developing for the iPhone can be extremely frustrating at times. And it is not just because of the code.

I have experiences many of the problems that Mike describes and I can tell you that it is nerve wracking. He is right on point with a lot of what he says.

It is good to know what you are getting into. I can say though that things have improved in this process lately.

Finally, keep in mind that we are trying to build businesses here – developing for the iPhone is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. Software development is fulfilling, sometimes profitable but it is hard work as well.

Mikes complete article is here: