7 Essential Services That Will Supercharge Your iPhone Business

Matthew Campbell, March 27th

iStock_000000679590XSmall.jpgBreaking out of your day job to work full time on your own software business is not easy – you need all the help you can get to be successful.

Today I am going to highlight some of the resources I used to get moving fast on my own business – hopefully you will find some of these are useful to you. Before I do that I want to emphasize some of the things you must consider when moving in the direction of being an independent software developer.

First thing – you will need to learn fast how to protect your time so that you can maximize what your are good at, the iPhone development itself. This means outsourcing, paying for information and setting up automated systems. Today, I have highlighted two services that will help you do that.

The first is the Internet Business Mastery Academy. This is where I was first exposed to lifestyle design, successful mindset and Internet marketing. Perhaps more importantly for you in the beginning they teach everything you need to know about blogging for your business, leveraging social media like Twitter and Facebook, using mailing lists, writing copy, setting up your LLC – I could go on forever. It is a great deal, even if you only plan on sticking with them for the first couple of months (they charge a monthly rate).

The second is Powweb – a cheap web host. I know that you are a programmer and may be tempted to set up your own web hosting. Seriously, just use a service like Powweb and get started working on the things that will make a profit. I suggest simply setting up a WordPress blog and be done with it. (you will need a URL and support URL when you submit your app to the App Store).

Ok, real quick the other four resources are books and a forum that will help you learn iPhone programming. They are the best (and only at this point) books available on this. Unless you have deep pockets and can hire a developer you will need to know this stuff to be successful.

7 Essential Services That Will Supercharge Your iPhone Business

Internet Business Mastermind Academy
The Internet Business Mastery Academy helps you escape the 9-to-5 and design the lifestyle of your dreams by giving you step-by-step tutorials for turning your life’s passion into an extremely profitable Internet business. The first step in the Academy is to help you design your ultimate Internet lifestyle. Then, through a series of online, step by step courses, you’ll discover how to use social media and other proven Internet marketing strategies to maximize your business success. Plus, our innovative “multimedia Rolodex” is another breakthrough designed to help you find the best services and vendors to help you reach your business goals as quickly as possible — and achieve your ideal lifestyle.
Take the First Step and Start Designing Your Ultimate Internet Lifestyle

Learn Objective–C on the Mac (Learn Series)
I like to know the basics of the programming language I am dealing with before getting involved with the ins and outs of the frameworks. This book does a good job of introducing you to Objective-C and will make the iPhone easier to deal with in the long run.

Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK
This is a nice beginning book on iPhone programming. It is more of a traditional book, but it is clearly written.

The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK (Developer’s Library)
This book is less geared toward beginners, but may appeal to you if you like the “code recipe” approach to learning.

iPhone Dev SDK Forum
This is hands down the best online iPhone developer resource out there. I am on it every day and have found answers to most of my questions there. It is also a good place to go to see how the iPhone developer community is reacting to the developer events of the day.

Powweb Web Hosting
As I mentioned before, in order to be taken seriously, you need a website. Powweb is what I use to host all my websites and it is pretty cheap and very easy to use. I recommend using WordPress as your content delivery system.

(Task List on the Mac and iPhone)
If you become self-employed you will no longer have a boss breathing down your neck to get your work done. However, you still need to get things done if you want to make the money. Things from cultured code is a task list productivity tool that will help you do that.

Allright, that is what I have for now. What about you, what services can you recommend that will help us supercharge our iPhone business?