7 Essential Beginner iPhone Programming Articles You May Have Missed

Matthew Campbell, March 23rd, 2009

Hey all – I hope that you are making good progress in getting your first iPhone app out the door!

I wanted to take this chance to highlight some blog posts that you may have missed over the past two and a half months that could help you out.

Here they are:

What is Model, View, Controller Supposed to Mean?

The idea of using the “model, view, controller” (or MVC) design pattern is very prevalent in iPhone programming and you should take some time to understand this concept before you start.

Here is How you Use a Class in Objective-C

You will learn how to: use properties, allocate and de-allocate objects in memory, use a methods and you will see how to launch the Google Maps app on the iPhone with your address information.

Video Demo: How you get pictures into the iPhone Simulator

This was a problem I had early on – most of my apps required use of the camera or the photo library. For the longest time I believed that you couldn’t test the photo library on the simulator. I was wrong, it is actually pretty easy to get pictures into the simulator for testing.

NSZombie and XCode Oh My!

Normally, when your app crashes in this way and you look at the log it tells you nothing (thanks Apple!). However, if you select your executable (under Executables in Xcode), hit the info button (round blue thing at the top), select arguments and put this in the bottom screen NSZombieEnabled = YES the log will give you more information.

This Week in Awesome iPhone Developer Resources

The longer I work on this website and my own apps, the more cool resources I have been finding online to help people doing development work on the iPhone.

Here Are Some Ways to Make Money on the iPhone

Some of you may be interested in iPhone development simply as a hobby or a project to share with friends. However, I get a lot of interest in how to create a business or career doing iPhone development.

How To Add A Nice Background Image To Your Grouped Table View

Adding a nice image or pattern to your table views is one way of putting a little extra gloss to your UI. This is important, because gloss sells… However, if you have tried to do this yourself you already know that simply inserting an image into your table view will produce ugly artifacts.

That is it for now – my question to YOU is: What do you need to know to turbo-charge your iPhone development?