This Week in Awesome iPhone Developer Resources

Matthew Campbell, February 13th

The longer I work on this website and my own apps, the more cool resources I have been finding online to help people doing development work on the iPhone.

This week I want to highlight 5 resources that I have been going back to all week (all month really).


If you are familiar with, you will get this website that is a digg clone dedicated to iPhone development topics.  I use this site and the one below to keep myself exposed to new programming topics I would not normally encounter myself.


iPhoneFlow is similar to the site above, but doesn’t have a voting mechanism that I can see.  Essentially, people submit links to iPhone resources that they think other developers will find interesting.  Subscribing the RSS feed is like getting access to a iPhone developer stream of consciousness.

iPhone Dev SDK

This is a more traditional forum type resource.  I check this forum every day, ask questions here and sometimes answer questions.  It is my first stop place to get iPhone development help.  All three of these sites have automatic Twitter updates that I use to stay in touch – it is a little more timely that simply using a RSS reader.

614 iPhone Developers on Twitter

If you are curious about what it is like to be an iPhone developer you can actually “follow” 614 of your favorite iPhone developers on Twitter.  Twitter is a micro-blog where people post short 140 character messages throughout the day.  Reading twitter posts is like being a fly on the wall in the life of the hundreds of iPhone developers that use it.  The link above has directions written by one of the twitterati (@snoonan) and posted on my personal blog.

Internet Business Mastery Mastermind Group

This is the resource I use to help me with all of the business aspects of running my iPhone business.  IBMA helped me form my LLC, do marking, find graphic design and copywriting – essentially all the “business” parts of learning how to run an iPhone business.  But, the most important thing is that they provide a “mastermind” group.

If you have read books like Think and Grow Rich you will know what this is – your personal board of expert advisors that help you succeed in business.

The Internet Business Mastery Mastermind Group has been one of the best investments I made in my business so far.

That is it – if I end up finding more resources next week I will do another post like.


What are your favorite resources for iPhone development right now?

If you can’t answer that one:

What resources would you like to see that are not there yet?

This Week in Awesome iPhone Developer Resources…

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