What Should Your First iPhone App Be?

Matthew Campbell, January 20th

You are probably interested in learning how to develop iPhone apps because you think it would be so cool to <fill in the blank/>.  So, what is it?  What would you love to see on your iPhone?  What would be a great first project to learn how to program for the iPhone.

My advice to you once you have started to experiment and learn the iPhone SDK is to really come up with something that is simple but cool.  Something that you will really want to see come to life on your iPhone.  The reason is that Objective-C and Cocoa, the two main technologies used on the iPhone, can seem daunting at times.  You will need that motivation that comes with the desire to see your creation take shape.

My first project was a wine journal for this very same reason.  Deep in the past I had searched for a wine tracker program for my other mobile phone and could never find one.  It was a project that jazzed me up enough to really get me through the tough few months it took for me to learn the iPhone platform.

So, what is it?  What is going to be your iPhone muse?