How Can I Help You Succeed in iPhone Programming?

Matthew Campbell, January 18th

Hi, my name is Matt Campbell and I am the owner of App Shop, LLC, an independent mobile software development company. I have spent the greater part of the past year and thousands of dollars learning all I can about developing and selling software for the iPhone. This effort has really paid off for me and in December I was making enough money in my iPhone business to quit my day job.

Looking back over the past year I realized that things could have been much easier if I had just a little more help in the beginning.

That is why I have created “How to Make iPhone Apps” – to help you get started in the iPhone business fast. My hope is that if you use this website, you will not have to spend countless months of your time to get to were you want to be in your mobile software business.

Please let me how I can help you get started programming for the iPhone today by emailing me at or commenting on the various posts on this website.

I am looking forward to seeing your app on the App Store soon!